Egotistic People

The most significant marker of an egotistic person has to be their uncanny ability to make you feel like an utter loser in their presence. Whether it’s the constant guarding of their actual feelings, the tendency to make snide comments about everyone around them, or the general population of people.

Most egotistic people are thin skin bullies and have narcissistic personality disorder. They have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

“A monkey plays only with the monkeys, a donkey only enjoys the bray of the donkeys; these and other examples prove that the NATURE helps round the clock to bring & bond together automatically every living creature of the common internal features and there is absolutely no glitch possible in its working & the people can’t be an exception. So rest assured, a person doesn’t need to surround anyone or go around finding someone better & beautiful as everything depends purely on everyone’s own nature and no one has a different associate than who s/he is as character in life i.e. a good individual gets only the good, a positive stay always with the positive and so it goes with the others.”

Anuj Somany

Egotistic people try to please everyone and work hard to be all things to all people. But if you’re busy trying to please everyone, doesn’t that mean you’re being fake to somebody? Thankfully we have a name for that — leading people on.


Something that I experienced in my life, I was involved with an egotistic narcissistic person. It took me several years after the relationship ended, that I realized that this person did things for attention, admiration, and severely lack empathy for others.


The major mistake I made with this person is calling them out for their behavior, for which they turn all their hostile behavior on me. I became the target of their verbal vicious behavior. The best advice I can give after surviving the verbal attacks and vicious behavior is just to walk away from the individual. It is not worth anything trying to help someone in that state. After taking some time to grow and learn you realize that you are not the one to save everyone in your life. Some people you just have to let them go no matter how painful it is to let them go. Living a full life is better than living with someone that is driving you to the crazy point.

Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.

Ismail Haniye

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Most people are like leaves.

When the wind blows they go to one side of the tree and then the wind blows the other way they are on the other side. They are totally unstable. All they do is take from the tree and only give shade. When the seasons change they wither and fall off the tree. But don’t be angry with them; this is who they are. God put them in your life just for a season.

Some people are like branches on the tree but watch out for them.

They make you think they are your friends but the minute you step out, they break and leave you.

Oh, but God bless those folks who are the roots.

But find two or three people who are your roots. They are there to help you live and give stability to your life. A tree may have one thousand branches but just a few roots. Hold on to these people.

The lesson is to be able to let people and relationships go.

And learn how to be alone and first love yourself. Learn to be peaceful. With your later years, you should learn to be at peace with yourself and others. Get rid of the dysfunction and let people go who continue to create drama and dysfunction in your life.

And that is the key to living learning to be alone and love yourself. If you don’t love yourself how can you love someone else. Fall in love with yourself first.

The one thing I also have learn is sometimes relationship become fake because each person is looking for something that is not real. One of the best books I read this year was written by Whoopi Goldberg; If someone says “you complete me,” run!  Usually, that is the biggest fake line and most folks fall for that line. Complete yourself first and you don’t need the line.

That sweet Cinderella dream of Prince Charming sweeping you off your feet to a life of happily ever after—it’s not going to happen. No one can complete you, writes Goldberg, if you’re not already solid and complete in yourself.

Also always remember that you can’t change the person you’re with and should never get into a relationship thinking that you can, that you should be aware of any red flags before you say “I do. If you know the person is an egotistic don’t get into the relationship because you will be living a lie.

The other red flag is if you are in a relationship with someone and they are constantly talking about how bad it was with their ex. Be aware that could be a pattern with this person. It takes two people for the relationship to go south. Just remember, the relationship fails you could be the next person that is the terrible ex. Most egotistic people usually feel that they are the hero and victim in the relationship.

Moral of story if you are involved in a relationship with an egotistic person (RUN)

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