Dealing the Senseless People

The first rule do not try to reason with unreasonable people that are in your life that you try so hard to get along with, but you somehow always leave the interaction feeling disheartened, sad, angry, or demeaned. It took me a long time to come to this realization do not have anything to do with them. They are sad miserable people their only thing in life is to make everyone around them miserable like them. Their view of the world is always of gloom and doom. They always have explanations why things are not going good. There’s just something about them that strips you of your power, either provoking you into acting “crazy” when you normally are quite a sane person or somehow always managing to make you give up something that’s important to your well-being.

The majority of the people describe in this article are master at the game of driving people to the crazy point. The art of understanding and managing the unreasonable person is probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the last few years.

Look at the entire situation and truly listen the person. Because they are going to repeat the same pattern over and over until someone calls them out. After beginning call out their ego will not be able to take that and they will try to bully, manipulate, try to provoke you into doing and saying something crazy and when dealing with them always keep your emotions in check.

For those individuals there is always a nemesis to blame for all the bad stuff. Divide and conquer is also part of their modus operandi and lying. The biggest lesson of this is giving up the hope and fully accepting this person for who they really are can be an unbelievable relief after what is sometimes a lifetime of wishing. And as Maya Angelou says “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”



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