This is a good thing….

by:  Thomas Christopher Famous

Today I witnessed something first hand that brought tears to my eyes. As I was sitting in my car in downtown NYC I heard loud shouting behind me.

I walked down the block to see what was going on and there I saw thousands of persons walking up Broadway blocking traffic with placards in hand.

As I got closer I heard their chants. ” Hell No the racist cops have got to go!!”

What was shocking to me was not that people were protesting or shouting “Black Lives Matter!!” or “Racism must end!!” but it was that the majority ( 70%) of the protesters were young white persons.

It is disheartening to know anyone looking like myself or my sons can lose their life at the hands of a racist police officer. Yet at the same time what I witnessed today lets me know that there are people who do not look like us who will stand up for us.

Nowhere in my life have I or most persons that I know have ever seen so many white people stand up in public for issues affecting Black People.

In my own country one can literally count on one hand how many whites will come out and protest on issues affecting black Bermudians.