Rev. Rob Schenck


I’m an evangelical preacher. You can’t be pro-life and pro-gun.
The American obsession with guns just doesn’t square with biblical teaching.
When it comes to gun regulation, the Rev. Rob Schenck says that too many of his fellow evangelicals Christians have departed from the teachings of Jesus.

Rev. Rob Schenck is the main subject of the new documentary “Armor of Light,” directed by Abigail Disney. For years, the Rev. Rob Schenck led nonviolent protests as an antiabortion activist, focusing on abortion as the primary “sanctity of human life” issue.
But everything changed after the 2013 D.C. Navy Yard shooting that left 13 people dead. A new documentary called “The Armor of Light” tracks Schenck as he decided that one cannot be both “pro-life” and also “pro-guns.”
“I’ll be very candid, I haven’t felt that it’s our issue, until we end up kneeling in prayer, outside the Navy Yard gates in my neighborhood where my apartment building was in lockdown,” he says in the film that will be released on Oct. 30. “So suddenly it goes from theoretical to very realistic.”