If the GOP manages to Repeal the ACA — then What?


If the GOP manages to Repeal the ACA — then what? What would the GOP have us do — return to the broken insurance system of the past? One where consumer-protections were few, and health consumer anxieties were many, and spread among the populace far and wide.

Medical bills cause 62 percent of bankruptcies
By Joan McCarter, dailykos.com — Jan 05, 2012
So the GOP — if they get their way — would they return us to an economic reality where medical bankruptcies are the norm, not the rare exception. A world where the buyers of insurance must always beware — not the sellers of it.

U.S. Census Bureau data on the medically uninsured simply can’t be denied
The report, which says 46.3 million people lacked coverage as of the end of 2008, makes the case for reform stronger than ever by punching holes in arguments that minimize the plight of the uninsured.
by Michael Hiltzik, LATimes.com — Sep 17, 2009