Selma 50th Photo Package

50 years since Selma: How much do you know?

Selma Quiz: Question 1
What was the name of the bridge the Selma protesters marched across?
Nathan Bedford Forrest Bridge 12%
Edmund Pettus Bridge 69%
Clifford Walker Bridge 9%
Edward L. Jackson Bridge 10%

Edmund Pettus was a Confederate general during the Civil War. After the war he led the Alabama Ku Klux Klan.
Selma Quiz: Question 2
At the start of 1965, what percentage of Selma’s eligible black voters were registered to vote?
2% 59%
5% 29%
10% 9%
15% 3%

Only 300 out of 15,000 African-Americans in Selma were registered, as the governor and sheriff opposed black voting. This low number was the impetus for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s voter registration drive in Selma.
Selma Quiz: Question 3
Of which organization that helped organize the marches in Selma was future U.S. Representative John Lewis the chairman?
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) 45%
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) 34%
United Negro College Fund 2%

The SNCC was a key group in organizing young African-American activists for the civil rights protests of the 1960s.
Selma Quiz: Question 4
To which city were the Selma marchers headed?
Mobile, Alabama 11%
Jackson, Mississippi 5%
Montgomery, Alabama 83%
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1%

The state capitol of Montgomery is 54 miles away from Selma. The marchers were traveling to Montgomery to address Alabama Governor George Wallace.

Selma Quiz: Question 5
How old was John Lewis when he marched in Selma?
21 58%
23 29%
25 10%
27 4%

The future representative was the head of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) from 1963 to 1966.
Selma Quiz: Question 6
How many marches took place in Selma in March of 1965?
Zero 9%
1 34%
3 51%
10 7%

Activists marched on March 7, March 9, and finally on March 21 when about 3,200 people marched from Selma to Montgomery.

Selma Quiz: Question 7
When did President Lyndon Johnson sign the Voting Rights Act?
March 21, 1965 21%
August 6, 1965 55%
January 4, 1966 15%
July 18, 1968 9%
While President Johnson pledged his support for new voting rights legislation in March of 1965, the Voting Rights Act was not passed until August of the same year.
Selma Quiz: Question 8
How many demonstrators were killed in Selma, Ala. during March of 1965?
Zero 30%
3 36%
14 24%
126 9%

Three people were killed during the voting rights demonstrations of March 1965 in Selma — Jimmie Lee Jackson, Rev. James Reeb, and Viola Gregg Liuzzo.
Selma Quiz: Question 9
Who was the Rev. James Reeb, who was attacked and killed by four white men in Selma on March 9, 1965?
A black colleague of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s at Ebenezer Baptist Church 15%
A white, Unitarian Universalist minister from Boston 55%
A black army veteran and minister living in Marion, Ala. 12%
A white preacher born and raised in Selma, Ala. 17%

Reeb was among hundreds of clergymen who answered Dr. King’s call to come to Selma. He was clubbed to death near a “colored” cafe where he ate supper with other ministers after the March 9 demonstration.

James Reeb (January 1, 1927 – March 11, 1965) was an American Unitarian Universalist minister and a pastor and civil rights activist in Washington, D.C. While participating in the Selma Voting Rights Movement actions in Selma, Alabama, in 1965, he was beaten severely by white segregationists and died of head injuries two days later in the hospital. He was 38.
Selma Quiz: Question 10
How many terms did George Wallace serve as governor of Alabama?
1 7%
2 31%
3 29%
4 34%

Wallace served two non-consecutive terms and two consecutive terms as governor of Alabama. He was in office from 1963 – 1967, 1971 – 1979 and 1983 – 1987