Why is it easier to believe a lie rather than the truth?

For most of us the lie is what we want to hear and not what the truth represents. People want to hear what sounds good and whether it is a lie or the truth. The lie seems to be easier to believe because of the simplicity of it. Usually the lie have news we want to hear but frequently the truth may not be what you choose to hear.

There is infinite numbers of possibilities and only one is the truth. Reasons the truth is more difficult to believe in is because there is less to prove in the story. Believing in what makes sense to one, sometimes background beliefs and knowledge and lack of self-analysis influences a person’s decision to believe the lie.

So, it is not because we like lies or that truths hurt – rather because the probability of hearing the truth at that time and the fact that we decide what is truth/false based on our personal beliefs which are grounded in family and social interaction.