Keystone Pipeline Jobs

I do not have hard breakdown but the pipeline will create a few hundred to a thousand jobs. Capable labor force, hotels, restaurants, equipment service people, trucking, pipeline maintenance, operators, it runs the spectrum. This is a huge project and large plans require labor on all stages. Companies from Kinder Morgan, Boart Long-year, Shaw, CB&I, Layne Christensen, and lots of smaller regional companies. These large companies are doing the work around the country, pipeline work included. These guys are ready for a piece of the action and they are ready to hire skilled and unskilled people for the long haul. In Bismarck, ND cannot hire enough people to fill the jobs. McDonald’s in Bismarck is hiring new employees starting at $14.00/hour. That is the ripple effect from Williston that is almost three hundred miles away. The XL pipeline it will have a positive effect on the United States economy.



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