Did America have the right to invade Iraq?

Did America have the right to invade Iraq?


It all hinge on on a persons’ description of “right”. Did US have the right to attack Iraq in my opinion? Slightly yes we did have the right. Saddam actions endangered the dollar as the international currency (Many economist agree this wouldn’t have been good on the world economy).Saying Iraq was a better place is placed on the view of those in Iraq.

Saddam was a dictator, and Iraq was not growing if you’re not including Saddam’s personal deep pockets. The only thing Iraq has problems with now that it wasn’t full of is terrorists. The terrorist feared Saddam and knew there was absolutely no mercy if they were caught. The fact that US performs the Rules of Engagement that the UN has set up, they are more able to get away with what they are doing.

Saddam even purposely poured oil into the water and was trying his best to change oil currency sells into Euros. This would have produced a great fiscal problem. Everyone is fixed on the idea that US attacked for oil and WMD’s and forgot what Saddam was trying to do. Considering US still purchase oil and don’t get it free, this is a wrong allegation that Europeans like to use on the second war of Iraq.

US is already suffering from its hostile stance in the Mideast countries. The Mideast has always been and perhaps will always be an unstable region due to the amount of people using religion as a basis for war.

Majority of the Iraq society hated Saddam, but they regret him being gone due to the fact their safety forces is inept at this period of time and that is the ONLY motive they regret it. We gave Saddam so many chances though, and don’t overlook it was only a ceasefire arrangement that held us back from attacking them earlier.

As for you theoretical statement. If some dictator was ruling my nation and was doing awful, I would be appreciative for some other country to take him out bashing down structure involving the person would be a bonus.

One must understand in order to obtain accomplishment, they must first experience disappointments. This will be the circumstance with Iraq; they not going to effortlessly adapt to their new direction, same as US. The US had to go through numerous concerns to finally come up with the government it has now.


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